lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

My Marketing's final presentation....

I conclude my Marketing class with a presentation of our product, Azucar Latina Spanish Language Center. It was a great experience shared with my classmates, SWOT analysis, marketing strategies, sales forecast, web 2.0 and our surveys and more things done to complete our project. Lesson learns: well, if you're numbers tell you that you can do it, and your breakeven point it's acceptable for you and of course if you truly believe in your product, just do it! but remember never, never never forget that Web 2.0 has to be part or your strategies no matter what you sell. Onlince communities, Facebook, blogs and all solutions offer by Web 2.0 can help the company to improve their product. How? give to your costumer a direct channel to get to you, receive from them a true feedback.

Now I conclude this article sharing with you the video I made which we presented in our marketing final presentation.

By the way, the classmates who I worked are Doris Lara,  Rawle Browne-Maynard and Gorki Alfaro. Good job my friends!!

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  1. Felicidades hermano. Me parecio interesante la forma de abordarlo y la presentacion fue bastante amplia y agradable a la vista con muchos ejemplos. Vas por buen camino y cuando regreses espero juntemos nuestros conocimientos y formemos un proyecto familiar.
    Take care and go ahead.

    Your bigbrother.