sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

The power of consumers

Today consumers has more power than ever, many years ago before social networks and internet facilities, suppliers decide what consumer like or dislike, what products should they use and what  consumer's right are. Guess what suppliers, not anymore!! With all kind of social network available, wireless technology connections and smart phones; in few seconds hundred of people, friends of a person and friends of friends of that person can know that he had a bad experience with a product, with that printer, with that kind of cellphone or may be the gear of his new mower get stuck all the time. With this bad publicity suppliers should think what kind of product they're going to sell, the quality of the server they're going to offer and how fast they're going to fix a problem. An unsatisfied costumer nowadays can cost a company hundred of thousand of money. So suppliers listen to your costumers, care about them, ask what they want and how they want a product, I can assure that putting extra effort you will be very well rewarded.

Do you think I am talking nonsense? That consumer power is not true? well look at this example and let me know what do you think.

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